2 must have items for surviving after child birth!

The YouTube video for anyone who doesn’t want to read below (hey, we’re not all readers. I totally get it)

These 2 items helped me tremendously after I gave birth to my son.

You must get a FridaBaby Momwasher and some Dermoplast spray. Both can be fond either on amazon or big stores like Target or Walmart!

The fridababy Fridet Momwasher was so much better than the squirt bottle they gave me at the hospital (I heard some hospitals don’t even give you one). Its upside down technology with shower head like hose helped me wash without it being too harsh. TRUST ME! I know it sounds silly to buy a special washer, but this $15 will make a world of difference

This second product was given to me by the hospital and I fell in love. I made sure to have it ordered on Amazon Prime and AT MY DOORSTEP before I came home. I lived for this spray. No matter how little or bad your delivery was, you will be so glad you have this.
I had a very minimal tear but my cousin was not happy AT ALL after. I had a package delivered to her door with this included and she sent me a text right away about how much it helped her. It helps numb and soothe right after birth and during the healing process (psst…it could be a little itchy). I also have this in the house now on hand because I have a little boy (only a matter of time when I need it) and it works for any type of burn or itch. They also have an antibacterial version for cuts.

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